Berend Jan Brouwer – Drawbridge

Diepenveen, Netherlands, July 19th 1872 – Voorburg, Netherlands, Marcrh 23th

Barend Brouwer or Berend Jan Brouwer, was a Dutch painter.  Brouwer was active from 1887 to 1936. He was one of the pupils of Bartus Korteling at Deventer (The Netherlands). He also studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and subsequently he trained at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague during two years.

The Hague School

Brouwer also studied under Théophile de Bock, a Dutch painter belonging to the Hague School, with whom he became friends. From 1923 onwards His paintings are influenced by De Bock. Brouwer lived at Voorburg where he painted landscapes and woodland scenes. He was a member of Arti et Amicitiae, a Dutch artist’s society founded in 1839, and located on the Rokin in Amsterdam. Brouwer exhibited several times throughout the country.

Brrouwer in De Prins der Geïllustreerde Bladen in maart 1907

Brouwer in ‘De Prins der Geïllustreerde Bladen’, March 1907